Quem somos


CAF is born
Taking advantage of the best of what he had, in 1984 Aldo Roberto started planting peanut in the Paulista West, being of the species "Red Tatu".
In 1988, it can take its first step towards the growth of the crop and the evolution of machinery.
The cerealist Almeida Filho is born
It was in 1992 that Aldo Roberto and his wife Luciene founded Cerealista Almeida Filho, where they started their facilities aimed at the processing of peanuts in bark. Subsequently, he added his infrastructure to the product drying silos and since then, year after year, has been investing in bulk warehouses, as well as cutting-edge electronic machines for the selection of peanut grains.
In order to guarantee the quality of its peanut, Almeida Filho keeps an eye on the technological innovations in the line of production and training of its Quality Control group.

It currently has large production partners that help achieve the goal of producing responsibly.

Maintaining the core and stimulating progress has brought us here and will be, with divine blessings, what will lead us forward.